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Tambopata National Reserve is an oasis of life, home to a variety of wildlife that find refuge in their natural habitats. From majestic felines to colorful birds and tiny but fascinating creatures, this corner of the world offers an intimate glimpse into the interconnectedness of life in the rainforest.

Wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon – Tambopata

Among the reserve’s most outstanding wonders are the jaguars, the supreme guardians of the jungle. These mysterious and powerful felines roam the hidden trails, conveying a sense of intrigue and respect. Equally impressive are the ocelots and pumas, completing the picture of big cats that call this jungle paradise home.
Birds occupy a central place in this setting, with more than 600 species identified.
From the majestic harpy eagle to the vibrant scarlet macaw, the sky and trees are filled with a vibrant chorus of feathers and song. Rivers and lagoons are home to a diversity of waterfowl, such as herons and kingfishers, which complement the natural image with their elegance.

On the forest floor, the parade of creatures is equally impressive. From the curious giant anteater to the elusive tapir, the diversity of mammals is astounding.Howler and capuchin monkeys dot the trees with their play and calls, while coatis and giant otters contribute to the rich picture of jungle life at ground level.
Amphibians and reptiles also have their place in this ecosystem. From brightly colored poison dart frogs to silent caimans lurking along riverbanks, these animals offer a fascinating glimpse of adaptation to life in the rainforest.
Exploring the Tambopata National Reserve is much more than a journey into nature.It is a journey through time, where pristine ecosystems and unique jungle fauna intertwine in an eternal dance of life.
Every corner of this natural refuge tells a story of survival, adaptation and unparalleled beauty. In the Madre de Dios region of Peru, the Tambopata National Reserve awaits to reveal its secrets to those seeking a deep connection with nature. Here, let’s discover together the amazing jungle fauna of the Tambopata National Reserve.

Some of Tambopata’s wildlife


El Mono Aullador Rojo






El Águila Harpía

El Jaguar

Las Pirañas

Guacamayo Escarlata

Anaconda Verde

El Ronsoco

Nutria gigante de río

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