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5 Tips to Travel on Budget to the Amazon Jungle in Peru

  • 10 November, 2023
  • Baawaja Expeditions

In this blog, we share our 5 tips to travel on budget to the Amazon jungle in Peru. Embarking on a journey to the lush Peruvian Amazon is a dream for many, often associated with high costs. However, with smart planning and careful consideration, it’s possible to immerse yourself in the magic of the jungle without breaking the bank. 

  1. Off-Peak Season, Hidden Treasure of Discounts

The key to saving on your Amazonian adventure lies in taking advantage of the off-peak season. During these periods, flight and accommodation prices tend to be considerably lower. While April to September coincides with summer and holidays in many parts of the world, making it high season in Peru, plan your trip to the Amazon jungle between October and March when offers abound due to the off-peak season. Extra bonus, traveling in the low season means fewer people on the tours.

Explorer at tres chimbadas oxbow lake. Travel on budget to the amazon jungle in Peru

Adventure traveler at Tres Chimbadas Oxbow Lake – Tambopata

  1. Join Group Departures

Another strategy to save is to join pre-scheduled groups. Many agencies and organizations offer group trips, not only reducing costs but also giving you the opportunity to share experiences with other jungle enthusiasts. In Tambopata, tours are often in all-inclusive packages, so you can negotiate a better price if there are other reservations on the same dates as your trip, as it implies sharing transportation for excursions.

  1. Make a Positive Impact

Traveling consciously is essential, especially in delicate environments like the Amazon. Look for options that promote sustainable tourism and support local communities. Often, excursions led by local guides not only offer a more authentic perspective but also ensure that your money directly benefits those who call the jungle home.

Did you know we have an eco-lodge in Tambopata? Ñape Lodge is just 1 hour and 45 minutes from the city and is owned by the Native Community of Infierno, guardians of this part of the forest for decades.

Ñape Lodge in Tambopata Peru

Ñape Lodge, only 1hr 45 minutes from Puerto Maldonado city, is surrounded by pristine forest protected by the Infierno Community

  1. Explore Fauna when you travel on budget to the Amazon jungle in Peru

The Peruvian Amazon is famous for its astonishing biodiversity, and observing wildlife is an unforgettable experience. Location is key to making the most of your stay and your budget. Conduct thorough research and opt for well-preserved forests near the city to fit your budget. Healthy forests should guarantee the observation of at least 4 out of the 8 monkey species recorded in the Tambopata National Reserve.

gian river otters at tres chimbadas oxbow lake

Giant River Otters at Tres Chimbadas Oxbow Lake, only 20 minutes away from Ñape Lodge

  1. Affordable Accommodations

Choose more economical accommodations without sacrificing comfort. Some eco-lodges offer an authentic Amazon experience at affordable prices. Additionally, explore accommodation options in local communities, where your stay can directly benefit the local population.

Traveling to the Peruvian Amazon on a budget doesn’t mean missing out on the wonders of the jungle. By choosing strategic moments, joining existing groups, making a positive impact, and exploring consciously, you can enjoy a unique experience without depleting your savings. The Amazon awaits you, ready to unveil its secrets to those seeking unforgettable adventures without compromising their wallet.

Finally don’t miss online offers days as Cyber Days or Black Fridays, where you can find special rates to travel in the low season.

By Rocio Guzmán

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