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Traditions Ese´ Eja2 Days / 1 Night


Description Puerto Maldonado Tour, Traditions Ese´ Eja 2 Days / 1 Night:

  • Botanical Garden Ñape
  • Dosel Tower
  • Arrow and Arrow shot
  • Search for Alligators in the river


  • Departure: Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Departure Time: From: 9:15 AM to 9:30 AM.
  • Return Time: Approximately at 8:30 PM on the second day.
  • Dress: Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, comfortable shoes for long walks, hat, light jacket.


Price per person base indouble or triple room

  • Dinner
  • Lunch
  • Entry Fees
  • Accommodation
  • Personal Guide
  • Airport Transfers
  • Breakfast

Not included

  • Tips



Reception at the office of the City of Puerto Maldonado. Be sure to bring what you need for your Puerto Maldonado Tour. Our bus trip takes approximately 45 minutes to the Native Community of Infierno. Then we will board a boat with an outboard motor to travel the warm and calm waters of the Tambopata River.

The estimated travel time is 30 minutes. After this refreshing trip we will arrive at the lodge where you will receive a warm welcome from the Lodge Manager. Then your guide will be responsible for explaining what activity awaits you to start your tour in the jungle.

Ñape Lodge Botanical Garden

Continuing our Tours in Tambopata, We will make a tour of the medicinal garden, located very close to the lodge. There we will meet the ethno-botanic guide who will share with us some knowledge of the preparation of natural medicines.

The community continues to preserve the customs of giving good use to medicinal plants, such as; Ayahuasca, Chacruna, Para para, Chuchuhuasi, Cat’s claw, Garlic sacha, etc. which are used and prepared by the people of the place especially to cure some diseases, such as rheumatism, colds, malaria, diabetes, fever, gastritis, cough, anemia, etc.

This activity lasts approximately 1 hour and a half.

Archery and Arrow

Continuing with the Puerto Maldonado Tour our guide explained how the old Ese Ejas, developed and used the bow and arrow, to be able to hunt some animals in the area as sustenance of the home, and thus be able to provide support to the couple in the feeding of their children.

In order to carry out this activity a walk of approximately 30 minutes is done by a trail that is close to the shelter. Where we will have the opportunity to practice this fun activity, for this it will need a lot of concentration, since it consists of throwing an arrow through an arch, and Get the arrow in the target from a certain distance.

This activity has a duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the number of people who attend the group.

Dosel Tower

This activity is unique and fun, one of our guides will take you to the tower, a special place to help you look for and identify birds and other rainforest animals.

Your guide will also tell you about the different levels of the forest when visiting different platforms of the tower. When you reach the highest level (37 Meters) you will have the opportunity to be in the highest of the trees that grow around 30 meters (100 feet to more).

It is an excellent place to observe the birds that frequent in the high canopy of the jungle, but if you look from the ground. There you can get an idea of ​​the different species that can be seen from a canopy tower and can be obtained nearby, at the level of our eye is seen in colorful macaws, parrots, toucans, swallows, tanagers, jacamar, woodpeckers, monkeys and other wild animals jungle.

Search for Alligators in the river

This activity is done after dinner. For this search of alligators we will return to the river and we will take a boat ride where supported by our lantern we will look for the red reflection of the eyes of the alligators that sometimes are on the bank of the river.

Where we could have the opportunity to see some nocturnal animals. Being in the middle of nature is something impressive and magical. This activity has a duration of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Breakfast: 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. After breakfast we will transfer to the city, then we will go to the airport to check in their respective flights.

OBSERVATION: The order and schedules of the excursions may be modified according to your guide, see it convenient, considering the physical state of the passengers and the climate of the moment.

End of the Puerto Maldonado Tour.


Tour Location



Rising the Tambopata river

Our infrastructure


Buffet and typical jungle meals


Shot arc and arrow

Search of caimanes

Lake Three Chimbadas

Parrots Collpa

Night walk

Botanical Garden Ñape



We have experience in trips through the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, come to know the National Reserve of Tambopata.

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