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Tour Extreme nature in Cocococha4 Days / 3 Nights


Description Tour Extreme Nature:

  • Native Community of Infierno
  • Night Hiking
  • Master high to Cocococha Lake
  • Searching for Alligators in the river (optional)
  • Dosel Tower
  • Mammals lick
  • Sunset and searching for jaguars
  • Parrots lick


  • Departure: Tambopata National Reserve.
  • Departure Time: From: 9:15 AM to 9:30 AM. (subject to change)
  • Return Time: In the morning of the fourth day.
  • Dress: Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, comfortable shoes for long walks, hat, light jacket.


  • Wear light clothing (long-sleeved shirts and cotton pants)
  • Wear shoes.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Hat or cap, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Poncho or raincoat.
  • Rechargeable or battery powered flashlight.
  • A small backpack.
  • Good camera.
  • Good binoculars (optional)

Not included

  • Entrance to the Tambopata National Reserve (Coco Cocha Lake)
  • Air flights.
  • Gasified drinks or bar consumption.


Day 1

Reception at the airport of Puerto Maldonado city and transfer to the Bawaja Expeditions offices. There we will welcome you with a delicious tropical juice. At this time you will have time to review the necessary ítems to take to the jungle.

After that we will have a 45-minute bus or car trip to the Native Community of Infierno. There we will visit some places of interest to understand the culture of this ancestral town. During the river trip we will offer a lunch pack. The menú is a rice dish wrapped in a banana leaf which is called “bijao”, a typical plant of the jungle, used to wrap food.

We’ll arrive to Ñape Lodge, where you’ll receive a refreshing wellcome and the necesary suggestions to enjoy your stay. Later we’ll start the programed activities.


Night Hiking

It consists of taking g a nocturnal walk through one of the lodge trails. We’ll look for insects, amphibians, tarantulas, bats, nocturnal birds and listening to various sounds of animals, even the falling leaves of tres. Those elements will make the trip interesting, and luckily we’ll observe some nocturnal mammals, like armadillo, nocturnal monkey or maybe some nocturnal bird.

Day 2


Master high to Cocococha Lake

This is the perfect tour for the adventurer and unconditional nature lover. We will wake up very early, after breakfast we will have a walk of 3 hours approximately (the same for returning), crossing through a variety of ecosystems and an endless network of trails, which will maximize your opportunities for wildlife and plants seeing. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water and repellent!

At the end of the hike we will arrive at Cocococha Lake. In this activity you will contact with one of the most important and varied habitats of the Amazon, the lake. It’s formed when a river elbow is cutted from its main channel, transforming it into a calm lake. We will have a nice catamaran ride around the lake to observe the wildlife. Due to the diversity of the lake and its full of fish wáter. You’ll have a great opportunity to see the Hoatzin, a strange bird, along with troops of squirrel monkeys, giant river wolves, caimans and majestic macaws flying overhead.

Free afternoon.


Searching for Alligators in the river (optional)

For searching alligators we will return to the river and we will take a ride on the boat with a reflector. Then we will go along the banks of the river in search of some alligators. The lights from the alligator eyes will help us to locate them and we will be able to observe them. The alligators’ size is aproximately one meter or one and a half meters. With a bit more luck you’ll see adult alligators. You will also enjoy the experience of sailing at night on the Tambopata River.

Day 3

Dosel Tower

We’ll return to the dosel tower to get a wonderful view of the sunrise. This way you`ll say good bye to the Peruvian Amazonian


Mammals lick

To perform this activity it`s necesary to walk for about one hour to get the observation hideout.

Mammals also gather around clay licks to eat clay, although not in the same way as parrots, they do so at any time during the day or night, and they are much more reserved and less routinaries. Therefore, they are much harder to see, unless you sit here for 24 hours.

This Collpa is visited by the huanganas, sajinos, deer, agouti, squirrel, tapir. You will arrive at a place where you will stop for about 30 to 45 minutes to wait for the activity of the animals to begin. But in the course of the walk the guide will explain some plant species and hopefully they will be able to observe some species of mammals as well.


Sunset and searching for jaguars

There is no better place to enjoy a sunset than a quiet boat trip in the Amazon rainforest. At the end of the afternoon, you are about to see one of the most spectacular sunsets in the world with countless shades of color that reflect in the water. During this quiet walk we will focus on the search for Jaguar, the most impressive feline of the Amazon rainforest, in this area and at this time we will have a great chance of sighting with a lot of patience to find it, we can also see a variety of riverside animals , from robust capybaras, turtles, birds, to elegant macaws flying overhead. This will undoubtedly be a fantastic experience.


Day 4

Parrots lick

Approximately 15 minutes by boat from the lodge, the parrot collpa near our lodge is one of the best places to spy on dozens of these spectacular birds that gather to perform their flutter ceremony before starting the collpeo. That is to ingest clay from the clay lick after 20 to 25 minutes will go. The theory of why these birds eat clay is that animals do it to supplement salt in their diet because, far from any ocean, there is very little sodium in the water or food.


Transfer from the hostel to Puerto Nuevo, office and airport.


  • The itineraries are subject to changes.
  • The tour schedule may vary due to weather conditions.


Tour Location



Rising the Tambopata river

Our infrastructure


Buffet and typical jungle meals


Shot arc and arrow

Search of caimanes

Lake Three Chimbadas

Parrots Collpa

Night walk

Botanical Garden Ñape



We have experience in trips through the jungle of Puerto Maldonado, come to know the National Reserve of Tambopata.