5 Days / 4 Nights

USD$ 800


  • Río Tambopata
  • Torre canopy
  • Lago Tres Chimbadas
  • Tiro con arco y flecha
  • Jardín etnobotanico
  • Busqueda de caimanes
  • Colpa mamíferos
  • Puesta de sol
  • Ese Eja Master Hike


Departure: Tambopata National Reserve.

Departure time: from 9:15 am to 9:30 am (subject to change).

Minimum 2 people for expeditions any month of the year.


Long sleeve pants and shirts, hiking shoes, repellents, sunscreen, hat, flashlight and ponchos.


  • Land and river transportations from the airport to the lodge and back
  • Guided from the first day until the return to the airport
  • Snack on the transfer bus when you come in
  • Buffet feeding at the lodge with special requirements (vegetarians or food allergies)
  • Permission to do all activities including the inferno native community center
  • Accommodations with rooms with private bathrooms
  • Fruit basket at the lodge 24 hours available
  • Drinkable water in containers where you can fill up your empty bottle
  • Bar service
  • Rubber boots in case it rains
  • Entrance of the national reserve

not include

  • Airplane tickets
  • Alcoholic drink
  • Tips
  • Camaras
  • Binoculars



Arrive in Puerto Maldonado, capital of Madre de Dios, and transfer to the office very important to leave large suitcases in the office and bring what you need for the lodge. Join a 1:45 minutes journey by bus and boat till the lodge. Your first taste of the amazon culinary Will be in the Tambopata River on the boat while you let the city behind to enjoy the amazon jungle landscape.

  • ÑAPE LODGE AWAITS: A spacious ecolodge, with a big lobby and the bar in the middle, buffet service in the heart of a private concession owns by the ese eja native community of inferno, the guardians of the rainforest.
  • ACCOMODATIONS INCLUDES: A 45 ms square room with a private bathroom an open wall facing the forest.
  • YOUR STAY INCLUDES: Three meals daily, teas, coffee, guided excursion and activities, refreshments upon arriving, and transfer all the way into ñape lodge and all the way out to the airport.

13:00 pm LUNCH TIME


3:30 pm In the afternoon we join to the first hiking leads to the 40-meter scaffolding CANOPY TOWER. A banister staircase running through the middle provides safe access to the platforms above. From atop you obtain spectacular views of the vast expanses of standing forest cut by the Tambopata River winding through the middle. Now and then toucans, parrots or macaws are seen flying against the horizon, or mixed species canopy flocks land in the treetop next to you.




After breakfast early in the morning, you board the boat upriver and enjoy the amazon air that felt this time of the morning, and then walk through a secondary forest and reach the snake-shaped lake called tres chimbadas.

You got on the catamaran to focus on living the unique experience and enjoying the landscape that this place offers us, and start looking for birds from a lake, also black caimans and with great luck the giant river otter that dominate this habitat.

Optional piranha fishing Will be the last activity on lake tres chimbadas. An artisanal and ancestral demonstrations carried out by the indigenous people of the native communities, once the piranha is caught, we take photos and observe the teeth that devour large prey in the water, the piranha we put it back into the water again, and then we go back to the lodge for lunch.



BOW AND ARROW SHOOTING, Around 3: pm our guide Will explain and teach us the different ways of hunting using traditional weapons. At the end you Will try to shoot the bull and test your aim.

THE ÑAPE ETHNOBOTANICAL GARDEN, It is a communal organization that produces medicines out of forest plants and administers them to patients who choose their little clinic. They have produced a Trail explains the different medicinal (and other) uses of selected plants. At the end of the visit, we are going to try some of our natural medicines made from the bark and leaves of the trees macerated in sugar cane alcohol. At that moment our emotions alter a special feeling, and we begin to value the ancestral knowledge of the indigenous people that have been practiced from generation to generation, so as not lose the essence of our ancestor.

CAIMANS SEARCH, in the darkness of the amazon along the Tambopata River driving the boat using a powerful headlamp, the creatures adapted to the darkness are very active in hunting along the river, the caimans usually wait for prey right there between the water and the land. We would also be lucky enough to see a jaguar, puma, capibara or deer which are nocturnal animals that usually hung out on the river Banks.

19:30 DINNER



CLAY LICK, early in the morning before breakfast we get the boat upriver for 10 minutes and enjoy one of the best activities that is parrot clay lick along the river. It is a special wall rich in minerals like sodium, all these birds are landing to lick the clay, when they are eating you can see all the wall colorful parrot covers.


 MAMMALS CLAY LICK, after breakfast we walk about two hours into the forest searching monkeys and birds till de mammal’s clay lick, it receives visitors like: birds, deers and monkeys all this animals come to feed and get the minerals from the clay lick

13:00 pm  LUNCH

Around 3:30 pm we board our boat upriver and searching for wildlife, capibaras, caimans or with great luck a jaguar prowling along the river, then we appreciated the magnificent of seeing the sunset and enjoying this experience in the amazon to the fullest.

19:30 pm DINNER




After breakfast, we grab our equipment then walk all day inside of the Tambopata national reserve. It lasts all day lunch Will be during the activity (into the forest), walking long way about three hours, the idea is to focus in the national reserve how we protect it and observe the giant trees in the virgin forest, reach a lake called cocococha that is deeper in the national reserve and walk around the lake searching black caimans in the area covered with palm trees and swampy places, at the same time traying to look for anacondas from the lake shore, monkeys eating fruit from the palm trees or macaws  flying across the lake or perched on palm leaves.

And then we walk back to the lodge in the afternoon.

7:30 pm Dinner



After breakfast is time to say Goodbye, as the expeditions comes to an end Your visit Will make a direct contribution to the native community of inferno in their effort to protect Tambopata, the community members Will keep making sustainable activities helping to the conservations.

Then you Will take the journey back to the city to the airport for your national flight onwards.


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He is a local guide from the native community of infierno with a lot of knowledge in flora and fauna, very extroverted, he specializes in survival tours and spoteador of felines in the forest, your trips with him will be unforgettable.



Naturalist and charismatic guide with a lot of knowledge in flora and fauna, he never gets tired, your trips with him will be fun.


Ines Duran

Works in marketing and also as a guide grew up along the Tambopata River has knowledge of flora and fauna speaks English and German specializes in family tours.


Jenfre Angel Huayna

Tiene conocimiento en flora y fauna amante de la naturaleza le gusta enseñar acerca de la conservación y la importancia de la cultura tradicional de los pueblos indígenas se especializa en tours de fotografías


Jenfre Angel Huayna

Has knowledge in flora and fauna, nature lover, likes to teach about conservation and the importance of the traditional culture of indigenous peoples, specializes in photo tours.


Miguel Ángel Araníbar

Very responsible and cooperative, willing to teach in order to have a quality service.


Alejo Isuisa

One of the oldest workers in the company and with a lot of experience in knowledge of the river, our boat activities are safe and reliable.



Uno de los trabajadores más antiguos en la empresa y con mucha experiencia en conocimiento del rio nuestras actividades en bote están seguras y confiables.



Specializing in preparing all kinds of food, his seasoning makes visitors want to try more of his food.



Very professional and knowledgeable about flora and fauna with a lot of enthusiasm to share his knowledge with clients, he also specializes in holistic and experiential tours.