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Brazilian Nuts Trail

Level: 2
Duration: 2 hours
Recommended Time: Morning or in the afternoon
Recommended for: All visitors
Availability: Year-round

About the Activity: Brazilian Nuts Trail

  • During this activity brazilian nuts trail, you will get to know this magnificent and large tree, and depending on the season, you may observe its fruits.
  • Throughout the walk, you will have the opportunity to observe the flora and fauna as it is a forest protected by a local community that benefits from chestnut harvesting.
  • You will also learn how brazilian nuts harvesting is done through an explanation from your assigned guide.
  • You’ll understand how this activity is sustainable and environmentally friendly, and how we can contribute to sustainability ourselves.

Highlights about the Brazilian Nuts in Madre de Dios

Brazil nuts fruits that grow in tropical forests, particularly abundant and of great economic and environmental importance in the Madre de Dios region (the only region in Peru where Brazil nuts are found).

The collection and sale of brazilian nuts are crucial economic activities for local communities, which heavily depend on brazilian nuts as a source of income. Local artisans also put chestnuts to various uses.

The harvesting is done sustainably, meaning it is practiced in a way that does not deplete forest resources. This is important to ensure that this source of income is maintained in the long term; hence, these are considered non-timber trees.

These trees can grow to over 50 meters, and their fruit is collected only after it falls naturally.

This collection often takes place in primary and secondary forests, which can provide an incentive to keep these forests intact rather than converting them into agricultural or other land uses. Therefore, brazilian nuts can play a significant role in the conservation of the Amazonian forests.

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