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Anaconda Green

The defamation of the anaconda

It is said of the anaconda (snake constrictor of the family of boas), which is a very fierce animal, which attacks and crushes the bones of any unfortunate person who crosses the path, and who then swallows and dilutes everything your body with its stomach acids, and so, it does not leave evidence of the killing.

However, the anaconda is not fierce, in fact it avoids at the most not being able to face another species, especially it fears the human being, while we hardly see one, we take out the machete and we tear it to pieces. Without even knowing that in the Peruvian jungle. and therefore the Amazon, there are several species of anacondas (boa constrictors) and only one of them, the green anaconda, exceeds 4 meters in length, the others barely exceed 2 meters.

The green anaconda avoids the noisy places, prefers the lakes or riverbanks, will rarely be found hanging around the city, and if you get to be careful, as it has teeth with which you can leave some marks , call the police or some qualified personnel for their capture and release.

Interesting data


The anaconda is dark green, with oval black and ocher markings on the flanks. The belly is lighter, and in the final part of the tail shows designs in yellow and black that are unique for each specimen.


The green anaconda is the most marked case of sexual dimorphism among snakes, since the females are significantly larger than the males, reaching an average of 4 to 5.21 meters in length and a weight of 45 to 98 kg, while the males reach a length of 2.5 to 3.39 meters in length and a maximum weight of 17 kg.

An anaconda reached 8,56 meters long and is considered the longest and heaviest of the species.


The anaconda has no particular commercial value, although its skin is occasionally used in leather goods; The main threat to its conservation is the destruction of its habitat, as well as hunting by those who consider it a risk for domestic livestock and children, regardless of the role it plays in the control of rodent pests.

Help us to conserve this beautiful species, it does not cost you a click, do not wait for someone else to do it for you.


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